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Static Transfer Switch

Globally recognised as the AUTOMATIC TRANSFER SWITCH specialist, Static Power has designed the iSTS, a unique range of ultra-fast and intelligent thyristor/SCR free-standing, wall and 19″ rack mounted Static Transfer Switches.

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THAI ASIAN POWER SOLUTION: Our new partner in Thailand
Based in the Muang and Rayong regions, TAPS has a long experience in the design and supply of electrical systems in Thailand. In this year’s beginning Static Power wishes the best to our new partner in Thailand. Visit TAPS website at www.taps.in.th

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228/12-14 M.5 Srinakarin Rd., Bangmung, Muangsamutprakarn, Samutprakarn, 10270

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267/51-54 Sukumvit Rd., T.Maptaphut, A.Muang Rayong, Rayong, 21150,Thailand

: +66-9-8263-4052    : rayong@taps.in.th

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